How to Repair Outlook PST File?

  • Retrieve deleted emails, tasks, attachments, notes during the repair process itself from corrupted / damaged PST file
  • Scanpst repair tool helps to fix scanpst not responding
  • Highly compatible for repairing both PST and OST file created on Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Capable of repairing the password protected PST file or PST file with highly encrypted

Microsoft Outlook holds all emails and other Outlook items like folders, contacts, notes, journals, calendar etc. in a .pst file. So, anyhow if this Outlook PST file gets corrupt / damaged, so in order to resolve such issues you might have used scanpst.exe tool, which comes along with Microsoft Office pack. Scanpst repair tool is designed to diagnose and repair inconsistencies in the .pst file, hence making it possible to be accessed again.

If PST file gets corrupted, then Microsoft Outlook cannot function well. There are some scenarios where PST file gets corrupted they are power surge, virus attack, improper exit of Outlook etc. Scanpst.exe is well known as “inbox repair tool”, which helps in repairing corrupted PST file.

Scanpst repair tool is well known repair tool for all your Outlook related troubles. It scans the corrupted PST file and repairs each and every file sector vice and copying the recovered files to a completely new document. Scanpst repair software helps you to repair and recover email folders, sub-folders, emails, attachments, subject, message body, mail header, contacts, calendar items, notes, tasks, journals and even the deleted emails. Scanpst repair utility has simple and user friendly interface, which helps a non-technical person in repairing corrupt PST file without any difficulty.

Scenarios responsible for corruption in PST file:

Human Mis-operations: Human negligence can also be one of the reasons for PST file corruption. There are many human Mis-operation factors that are accountable for PST file corruption such as Mis-partitioning the storage device, Mis-formatting the operating system etc. which will all cause the Exchange Server database unavailable and so make the PST file inaccessible. At such situations Scanpst repair software can help you.

Corruption of PST file due to size limitation: Microsoft Outlook 2000 and earlier versions have size limitation of 2GB for PST file. Therefore, if the PST file exceeds 2GB size limitation then there are more chances that your file may get corrupted. You may receive one of the following error messages, when you try to load or access an oversized Outlook PST file - “xxxx.pst cannot be accessed - 0x80040116.” Or “Errors have been detected in the file xxxx.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.” Sometime inbox repair tool fails to repair corrupt PST file at such situation Scanpst repair utility will help you to overcome from this critical issue.

Damaged networking device: If your networking device has some fault then there are chances that your PST file may get corrupted. This happens when your network interface cards, routers, hubs, cables and any other devices constituting the network links have some problem. Due to this reason, your remotely accessing process of PST file gets stuck in between resulting in corruption of PST file. You can repair your corrupt PST file by using Scanpst repair software.

Abnormal termination of Microsoft Outlook application: Generally, you quit Outlook application by saving all your changes and modifications to the PST file by clicking "Exit" or "Close" option from menu item. However, if Outlook gets shut down abnormally when you are opening and accessing the PST file, then the PST file is prone to get corrupted or damaged. This happen usually due to power failure, or when you terminate certain processing of Outlook in between by clicking "End Task" in Windows Task Manager, or if you turn off the system without quitting Outlook application and Windows normally.

Features of Scanpst repair tool:

  • Capable enough to Scan PST Outlook 2007, 2003, 2010, 2000 etc.
  • Easily repair password protected and highly encrypted PST file without damaging the password
  • Know how to fix PST file errors on Microsoft Outlook after PST corruption.
  • This is read-only software which reads the source file while scanning and creates a new PST file in order to ensure healthy repairing of PST file.
  • Scanpst repair utility has ability to fix severely corrupted Outlook PST file and repair and scan PST on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 operating systems.
  • Competently fix PST file corrupted during up-gradation of Microsoft Outlook application

Recent Update

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Necessary steps for using scanpst repair software:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Scanpst repair tool. Now launch the application, after launching the application a window appears with three options i.e. "OPEN PST FILE", "FIND PST FILE", and "SELECT OUTLOOK PROFILE"

Scanpst Repair Tool- Main screen

Step 2: Select appropriate option from the mentioned three categories and on next page choose any scanning method and the destination path to save the PST file. Now click on "Repair" button to start the fixing process

Scanpst Repair Tool- select destination path

Step 3: The application scan the PST files and fix the corruption issues involved. Finally it recovers all the attributes of your Outlook profile and displays it on the window.

Scanpst Repair Tool- Summary of repaired PST

Future precautionary steps to avoid loss of PST:

  • Always keep a backup copy of PST file so that you can retrieve it from the backup file, if the original file gets corrupted.
  • Use updated anti-virus program in order to keep your system virus free.
  • Compact the large PST file in order to avoid PST file corruption due to size limitation.
  • Never terminate the Outlook application in between by clicking "End Task" in Windows Task Manager.